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Thread: Another Rockband question

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    Another Rockband question

    i followed a couple guides instructing to install ios37 as ios 232. after doing that it says to use softchip to run the game using ios232. ios232 is not in the list. its not an option. what am i missing? i got a 4.2 wii trying to run rb from a disk. thanks to everyone.

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    The first time you run softchip, it will give an ios number. The default is ios249. Use the arrows on your wiimote to change it to 232. Also if you load softchip, either press or hold plus (+) and alittle menu will come up. There you can change the ios.
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    i will try that. thanks for the tip

    ok tried that and the little menu u r refering to, does not have ios232 in the list to choose from. how do i get it to show up.
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