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Thread: Should I upgrade my firmware (3.4)?

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    Should I upgrade my firmware (3.4)?

    I had a solderless chip installed on my Wii last a year and a bit ago, and it has worked perfect, allowing me to play backed up games...

    This still hasn't stopped my son from scratching the backed up dvds....BUT, I saw a neat way to get around the dvds... Loading via external HDD!

    I'm doing some reading, and see that I will need to install homebrew to get this working, but wanted to know if I should upgrade my firmware, or leave it as is?

    Also, can I use a Burned disc of Zelda to set this up, or does it have to be the original?

    If there is any suggestions you could give me to save me from making a mistake, fire away

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    I think the Zelda hack was patched in 3.2 but you can still try since i'm not 100% sure as i used the Zelda hack to install homebrew but i would try to get it to work on your current FW and install homebrew channel via Bannerbomb

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    Use this guide
    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii

    Be sure to install bootmi as boot2 if possible and backup. Using preloader to boot strait to usbloader Gx is excellent for kids.
    Wii setup for Kids/USB Loader GX

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    Thanks for the spoon feeding (links) maui!
    I will give this a go, and see if I can get the external HDD working so he can quit scratching discs!

    Edit: I just had a quick read through (not gonna try it till later this evening) but will there be any issue with my Wii, seeing as it is already modded?
    I had it done last year, and don't even know what chip it is, the only thing I remember was that I was told it was solderless....
    I just want to make sure its ok, before I go ahead with the softmod....

    I only really want/need the USB game load option, but from my understanding, I have to softmod, then load homebrew, then the usb loader gx...? Is that correct?
    Thanks again
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    Yeah so get the Homebrew channel and install USB Loader GX

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    follow the 3.1-4.1 softmod guide linked above, its fine to softmod a chipped wii.

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    So I have the homebrew channel, and I'm getting ready to to the usb loader....
    Do I need to upgrade my FW (its 3.4) ?
    My Wii is already chipped, and I only wanted Homebrew installed so I could install the USB loader....

    I just want to do as little as possible, in case I brick it somehow...
    I tried to backup on the SD card, using the power/eject/reset buttons with no luck... And seeing as I dont have a Gamecube controller handy, I guess I can't back it up....

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    You will need to install the cios and ios's to get the game to run, you need more than just hbc. It is best to follow the guide all the way through. You really should install preloader and bootmii(backup your nand)- you need 4.1 for preloader. If you where abel to install bootmii as boot2 you could skip preloader, but if you installed as ios preloader is your only (small) hope of fixing your wii. Go get a cheep gc controler and backup.


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