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Thread: Is a wii bricked when ?

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    Is a wii bricked when ?

    Hi..i have a wii that won't read anything , also the wiimote won't respond to this particular wii but will others. It has a white boarded modchip with (ruff guess) 30 wires on it and proasic3 on the chip ??? is this wii bricked ... i can't even get into the menu to see the FW version .

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    it could you have bootmii as boot2.

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    1-Put bootmii files on an sd card, see if bootmii will start

    2-Hold resest down and turn on the wii while holding reset, see it preloader starts

    3-Get a game cube controler, hold down all 4 directions and power on the wii, continue to hold down all 4 directions, see if recovery menu will load- firmware version at bottom right corner.

    If none of that works your wii is likely bricked for good. What happend?

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    that 30-wire white angel is likely a D2Cpro modchip. u're lucky.
    with that chip and the maintenance mode (get a GC controller, said mauifrog), u've the chance to unbrick.


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