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Thread: Do i need Brickblocker?

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    Do i need Brickblocker?

    Hello everyone and even more hello to those who know this stuff

    I have a question i've been thinking about. Seeing that some have bricked their Wiis by inserting games that have then updated their Wiis.

    Do these updates happen in secrecy or does the Wii always ask first?

    In other words, do i risk bricking my Wii by just inserting a nonbrickblocked new game or is there always a confirm button before anyting updates?

    Also does this mean it's best if i only use brickblocked ripped Isos and stop using new genuine games?

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    It will ask you first (i think)-never seen one.

    You can block the update with preloader, and other methods.

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    The game will not play unless you accept the update. So the screen message about your system required an update will just stay there until you either accept or decline.

    You can either use brickblocker before burning your ISOs or install Preloader, StartPatch, or StarFall, depending on the system menu of your Wii.

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    Oh okay.. That makes sense.

    One thing noticed when i ran my legal copy of Wii sports Resort was that it requierd an update to run and does nto run anymore on my 4.1E softmodded Wii. But when i run it in Neogamma it works fine and doesn't ask anything.

    Is that a safe way to do it? I've been running all my games through Neogamma to avoid those updates that i assume are blocked there, i sure hope they are safe even though i intend to use brickblocker on all Isos in the future.
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    If you use a program like mentioned above to bypass the updates, if you were to load an original copy game that requires an update through the normal disc channel, that program cant actually bypass the update. Instead it will freeze at a black screen. Those original copy games that do require an update must instead be loaded using a backup launcher so that those blocking programs can do their job.
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