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Thread: Another Bricked Wii

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    Another Bricked Wii

    A while back i bricked my wii while downgrading my wii, thought the program was frozen and turned it off (Ye i know nOOb). But left it lying there for a while until my daughter wanted to play with it. so i bought a savemii dongle hoping it would work, downloaded a few recovery programs nothing. I have a wiikey mod chip installed if its any use. I can turn it on and off but the remoted wont sync.

    My question is using a savemii what cd should i use if any, or should i use some wiikey program, or the most likely solution if this is a fully bricked wii and im wasting my time trying different cd, if so il just buy a new one and take the mod chip out of the bricked wii.


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    does your savemii start the recovery console?

    Do you have bootmii or preloader?

    if all the above is no then there is nothing you can do.

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    no savemii does not start the recovery console, ah well buy a new one something may come out in the future from all ye brain boxes, cheers anyway


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