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Thread: Wii barely reading games (BU and ORG)

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    Wii barely reading games (BU and ORG)

    So let me give you the run down:

    I have a 3.1U wii running with a wiikey that has the 1.9g beta hotfix firmware. I forget which version of the system I have, but when it was modded, 3 legs had to be added to the chip on the system to connect the modchip. I did not mod this myself, I had someone else do it for me in the summer.

    I installed 1.9g the second week it came out and had no problems whatsoever. Beat galaxy, and continued to use the system as normal.

    Then, About two weeks ago, a bunch of the newer games I was downloading were not working. I don’t remember which ones exactly because I just threw them out after they didn’t work. Since my other games were working, I thought that the games were a bad rip or whatever.

    Fast forward to Saturday, where games I consistently play, such as Guitar Hero III, stopped working all together. I have been burning all my games on SONY DVD-R at full speed at this point.

    After some research, I took the following approach:

    * Ran the 1.9b recovery disc
    * Installed 1.9b firmware.
    * Ran 1.3 config disc, set region override to on, and dvd drive speed to 3x.


    Tried putting it back to 6x, same thing.

    I tried changing my media to TDK DVD-R and the same problem occurs.

    The problem is not only with my backups though. My original games suffer from the same problem.

    The games will occasional load up on the wii channel screen, but when I click start, I usually get the disc error message. If I pop out the disc and put it back in, it will resume functionality for about 2 more minutes before the error message pops up again.

    Even when I was running the wiikey setup discs, I would have to pop them in and out to work sometimes.

    I was debating reformatting the wii itself through the system menu, but did not want to jump to that right away. I am in no ways an expert, and have only been following the advice of people throughout the different wii-mod messageboards.

    If there is something I did not due that may help, please let me know.

    My Wii has stayed in the same place since I got it, and the only thing I can think of that may have affected the system is my house gets hot from time to time. Based on what I see, it seems to be a hardware issue :x. Again I have not the slightest clue though, just a hunch.

    Other than that, I am clueless. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    If I for some reason need to replace the dvd drive, is it an easy thing to do?

    I REALLY would rather not have it come to that.
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    Well firstly.. Wiikey is crap lol.

    CycloWiz woulda been a much better choice. With the CycloWiz you can hold the reset button when powering on your console to turn off the modchip. That way you would know if it's actually your system or the chip XD.. too bad :P.

    Anyways.. Firstly,, don't know why you'd burn at 3x. and 6x. Wii reads at 4x. So burn at 4x with IMGBurn.

    So.. Either your Wii's laser has degraded fast due to reading the 3x or 6x burn speeds. Or the drive your burning them with makes it stressful for the Wii to read the disc's. Thus degrading the laser.

    You may also have a fake Wiikey depending on where you bought it. They accept Wiikey updates.. But doesn't mean they will be as reliable.

    The chip could have also been soldered badly. And some connection might have become very limited.

    But it's really very hard to know what your problem is.. Since it can be many things. The only way to know for sure is to remove the modchip.

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    I changed the 3x and 6x through the wiikey config disc. i was not burning my games at that speed.

    At first, my games were burnt at 12-16x

    After the problem started, I tried burning games at 4x and testing them, still same problem.

    I am pretty sure th wiikey is authentic. Before the guy put it in, he showed me the chip with the hologram authentication and all.

    lets say it is the laser, how easy is this to replace. More importantly, how much is it to do, and is it easy to find someone professional enough to do so.

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    Well.. I havn't looked to much into buying a new laser. You could search around on google for info on Wii laser replacement. Pretty sure I've heard it being done.

    And if I remember correctly it's a pretty simple solder job.

    And starting burning at 4x doesn't fix the problem. Burning at those 12x 16x speeds degraded the laser.

    Hearing that you were burning at those speeds furthers the possibility it's your laser.

    But wait to see what other people have to say about it first.

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    I feel like it has to be the laser. If it were the chip, wouldn't my original games work?

    Hopefully i can get a few perspectives on this before changing the laser.

    I would love to know what other things I could check before knowing for sure that the problem is the drive.


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