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Thread: Nusd & 4.2u

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    Us Nusd & 4.2u

    I recently downloaded NUSD & used it to download the 4.2u update. I am successfully on 4.2U, but all my games with the old 4.0 update(like Need for Speed: Undercover) are asking me to update. What can I do to fix this?

    Also, I tried the newest Preloader with the 4.2 hacks.ini, but I got a syntax error while loading the hacks. Is there a way to fix this? I have programmers notepad if that will help. I know there probably is because you guys & ladies are genius. Thanks in advance.

    I used dop-ios & got 38, 53, & 55, now my homebrew channel is upside down. Hey at least I'm not bricked, I'm rereading Messie's 4.2 tut again.
    I reloaded the Hackmii installer & now homebrew channel is right side up again.

    Ok, I fixed my problems. I finally got preloader working dispite the syntax error & set preloader to ignore updates.
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    updating to 4.2 wasnt a great idea tbh!

    if a game is asking you to update, then you need to find out which ios the game runs on and install it/update it.

    as for preloader, read the 4.2 guide linked in my sig.

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    try ioses 38 53 55


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