Hi there,

Im really new to all this hacking and programing stuff, so your patience and consideration is greatly appreciated. But anyway heres the deal: i've owned my NTSC wii for a good 6 months now and it had a modchip (unaware of the make or type) installed when i bought it. For the entire time that ive owned it i never tried to connect online fearing that it wud get bricked, except for earlier today. Everything was fine at first until i accidentally chose to upgrade the system, forgetting the good advice i had received from a fellow wiihacker about those nasty updates. But the update didnt completely go through, after a minute an error msg popped up that read error 32007 (which doesnt seem like anything serious from what ive checked). Thinking that all was fine since the upgrade didnt go through, i popped my Mario Karts PAL backup disc for a quick round. After the disc began to load an error msg popped up saying something like the files have been corrupted. i thought that i wudnt be able to play any backups at first but i guess my wii just got semi-bricked so that i cant run PAL games, bcuz all my other NTSC backups and all other wii functions work just fine. I need to know what it is i have to do get my system back to normal again and be able to run PAL games. I found a post from someone who had almost the exact same problem and he said that he used "NTSC-U Semi Brick Fix Disc" to fix the problem. Ive downloaded that program yet i dont know what to do with it exactly.

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated. And again, thanks for the patience and consideration.