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Thread: Playing Movies through USB Harddrvive

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    Playing Movies through USB Harddrvive


    I have USB hardrive and I have softmodded my wii4.2u

    Can anyone advice how I can store multiple dvd movies on USB hardd rive and play them on wii?



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    If you are currently using the USB HDD for the Wii, you will need to create another partition on the HDD. You will also need to install DVDx and MPLayer CE.

    Go here:

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    i have not tried a hdd yet but i have had good luck playing divx movies off a usb thumb drive with this MplayerAX-MPAX.wad

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    I installed mplayerax and yes it showed up as a channel fine and it plays films etc from sd card and discs but keeps crashing when I try to load from a external harddrive, any ideas or is it the player itself? thanks

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    sorry, forgot to add my hdd runs games fine and I can play films from it fine to using mplyer ce just wanted this app as it runs from channel and thats what I wanted so I didnt have to have player on my sd card, are there any other players that are in wad form and run from a channel? Have tried forwarders before with little success. Thanks


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