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Thread: Hi!!!

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    Ca Hi!!!

    Hey everybody I just found this site and I have a Wii and would love to learn about these mods!!!Just wanted to introduce myself.
    I live in Canada but I'm not very computer savvy so please excuse the sometimes silly questions!!!

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    don't worry about being new to the world of wii mods, we all start some where and this site is a good place to read, read, read and then ask what you don't understand. from what i have seen this is quite a friendly site with not a lot of "ha ha look at the noob" talk from people in the know (lets hope it stays that way).

    so enjoy from a not so long ago noob

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    Welcome patoot jusk like erb247 said have you any question just ask them
    Have a nice stay here and tell all youre wii friends

    Grtz Orton.


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