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Thread: Help soo many problems !

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    Unhappy Help soo many problems !

    Hi i installed homebrew channel with sd card and worked fine then i tried like a BILLION times to install usb loader and correct me if im wrong i had to install a cios rev (what ever it is) so i followed this guide which i found on this website (link: and it worked now i open up homebrew channel and its UPSIDE DOWN!

    Only homebrew channel is upside down nothing else. But that didn't stop me trying out usb loader and as i open it it says no WBFS partition or and it says press a so i did then it said error :- 6 could not detect any partition on usb mass storage im using WD elements 640 gb which is compatible apparently i've already partitioned it on easeus partition master i've made 100 gb for wii and 500 gb for pc and like 1gb unallocated as my friend said thats necessary (my friend done it for me but i have the program anyways)

    I then formatted it using WBFS program the 100 gb and put like 15 games onto it (my friend done that again but i still have the program) PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME IM GETTING A F'IN HEADACHE FROM THIS.

    Also my firmware is 3.4 and its PAL system

    EDIT : 28th october 2009 : Im now able to play games on my hard drive so thats solved now the only problem is that the homebrew channel is still upside down. Anyone know how to solve it ?

    EDIT : 1st November 2009 : Problem solved now i just installed homebrew again but now i have another problem i had to update wii shop channel but it said i had to update it through the wii system update but i didn't want to take the risk so i updated it through wii SCU now it opens for oen second then goes to wii menu again. HELP !!
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