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Thread: Wiikey 1 with wii system firmware 4.2E NTSC wont work

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    Unhappy Wiikey 1 with wii system firmware 4.2E NTSC wont work

    I've gone through endless threads trying to see if other people have done the same as me or have the same problems. I have one of the first Wii's released with Wiikey1 that is updated to 1.9s and I couldn't get some of my new games to work so I updated my Wii to 4.2E and after swearing that I lost the homebrew channel, the games that didn't work now work and any NTSC games that I have no longer work, All of my PAL games (back up and originals) work.
    I've reinstalled homebrew with all my apps but when I use GeckOS or Wiiback up launcher I keep on getting the Error 002 message.

    Do I just need to play around with the isos to fix the error or can I use a homebrew channel that will make my games work?

    Can anyone shed some light on how I can fix this, just point me in the right direction I've wasted most of my day just trying to find some answers.

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    I seem to be in a similar boat as you. Only with me (I'm from the US) I'm on firmware 3.4 and am able to play NTSC games but not Pal, :P. I haven't gotten into the homebrew or anything yet though, just tried running the game through the normal menu (It's Wii Play), and it seems to load but then goes to a black screen.

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    The problem with out of region games giving black screen is kinda normal, as if you look on the features list of Wiikey it says that it has PARTIAL support for out of region games.
    My Wii
    WiiKey v1 - 4.0E - BootMii/boot2 - Preloader 0.30r4 - Homebrew Channel - cios38r14 - 2GB SD Card

    Region Free - Preloader Hacks
    Skip disc update check - Region Free Wii Discs - region free Wii games_1 - Region free Wii games_2 - Force Disc Region_1 - Force Disc Region_2

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    4.2 update broke support for out of region games on modchips, you should check you modchip manufacturers website for more information or possible updates.

    Not sure if something like preloader or startpatch would help, as i dont have achipped wii at the minute.


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