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Thread: newbie here wii 4.1u

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    newbie here wii 4.1u

    does any one where to start need to backup a game? already install homebrew thnx.

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    Us Backup Channel

    are you trying to play backups on your wii or need to no how to make backups.if you want to ply backups or have a backup chznnel i advice you to get wad can google search wad manager 1.4 it .open it up and make sure its a boot.dol or elf file.if its wadmanager.dol or something rename it to place the wad manager folder in your apps folder on your sd card.if you dont already have an apps folder make a folder named apps on your sd put the sd card in your wii run homebrew and you will see wad you also need cios249 search that.and do the same thing you did with wad the installer and install cios/ if i where you i would use something like neogamma or backup launcher google search backup it.make a wad folder on your sd card.put the backuplauncher.wad in the wad up wad manager in the ios249,sd card,now install backup now have a backup launcher channel for your wii.


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