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Thread: nintendo ds dissasembly tips?

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    Question nintendo ds dissasembly tips?

    I recently started figuring out how to disassemble the nintendo ds lite and it looks pretty hard from what I have seen. I am pretty much a novice since the only console I have disassembled before is the psp 1000 and that's like 100 times easier. I will be buying a used ds lite soon and I was going to do a full case replacement (Shock! Arctic Blue Custom Case for DS Lite / but I don't know if I should do it because of the risk. does anyone have any suggestions/warnings or tips they could share with me that they learned from disassembling the ds lites? also the casemod I am looking at is pretty expensive, if anyone knows of any cheaper cases that look the same please inform me of it...

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    take your time is the best advice i can offer... the cases do require a little prying to get around some little nubs that are designed to hold them on, but if you go slow and be gentle, no problem

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    I did one of my daughters, the only difficult part is the ribbon that goes from top to bottom, once you have detached from the bottom make sure you roll it nicely to go through the small hole in the hinge. anything other than a nice round roll and the thing will rip meaning you will need a new top screen.

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    thanks allot for all of your help, I'll make sure to be careful when taking apart my ds. wish me luck :P


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