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Thread: 00010000-00555044 (.UPD) & 00010000-00555045 (.UPE) What are these?

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    Question 00010000-00555044 (.UPD) & 00010000-00555045 (.UPE) What are these?

    00010000-00555044 (.UPD) & 00010000-00555045 (.UPE) What are these?

    I been looking through my Wii's NAND using Anytitle Deleter MODv6, and came across these two Disc Game Title or Saves. I've tried looking through all the Wii Title databases I know of, and Google of course, but nada.

    Does anyone know what game these belong to? I find the ASCII titles very peculiar as they both start with ".", and are region E which is the same as my Wii (USA) but also region D (Germany) WTF?



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    USE the any title deleter MOD, and it shows the names of everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEROXOOT View Post
    USE the any title deleter MOD, and it shows the names of everything.
    That's what I was using when I found them, they are not in the database and get listed as UNKNOWN.

    It was suggested that these were junk files or leftovers from an update partition. Can anyone verify this?


    OK I did delete them, and have seen no ill effects so far... so I'm just gonna finish this post with what I have learned in hope that it helps someone...

    • The Titles in question are, 00010000-00555044 (.UPD) and 00010000-00555045 (.UPE), but also 00010000-0055504A (.UPJ) is often found too.
    • These files are from the update partitions from specific game discs.
    • The game discs on which these title can be found are apparently legit discs that have not been altered, leading me to believe these are legit updates...
    • These titles use/depend on IOS4, which apparently is now a stub...
    • WiiBrew contains this blurb on its Talk section for the Title Database entry:
      Unidentified Title IDs
      UPD, UPJ, and UPE

      I've noticed a few people have reported titles in /title/00010000/ with the IDs 00555044, 00555045, and 0055504A (.UPD, .UPE, and .UPJ). I'm not completely sure what these are, but I'd theorize that they're caused by the Wii Brick Blocker or some other application that replaces data at the beginning of the disc. Can anyone confirm this? --ProdigySim 07:16, 16 July 2008 (CEST)
    • These titles, 00010000-00555044 (.UPD) and 00010000-00555045 (.UPE), were deleted on a softmodded Wii that was safe updated to 4.2 from 3.2 with no ill effects observed so far.
    • I assume they will return whenever a game disc with the update partitions containing them is inserted and ran again.

    That's all I got...
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    I have the same two titles on my Wii.

    I plan to delete them both and see if it has any impact on my system. I'm currently trying to fix a sporadic banner brick.


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