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Thread: Updated by mistake to 4.2 got hbc but

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    Us Updated by mistake to 4.2 got hbc but

    None of my games work off of my hard drive i get can read disk error
    the hard drive is reconized
    please help
    if you need more info just ask
    thank so much

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    Please can someone help me

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    have you followed the 4.2 softmodding guide? updating to 4.2 may have removed a lot of your previously applied hacks.

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    Yes i got everything else to work
    install HBC the usb loader and wiiflow recognize the hard drive but i get a black screen and an error message saying to eject disk when i try to play any games

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    What version loader do you use?

    Did you check the HDD compatibility with Wii?

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    im using neogammer 7
    and wii flow
    hard drive is detected when i go to play a game i get a black screen then a disk error message


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