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Thread: Fully Bricked wii help

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    Fully Bricked wii help

    i have a fully bricked wii it turns on with power button and wiimote but wiimote wont connect to it. i had bootmii but no preloader when i turn my wii on all i get is a black screen...i tried my savemii recovery dongle i bought and it didnt work for my wii. is there a way to fix my wii?

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    Cool Fully Black Screen Bricked Wii

    Hey dude i had the same problem but i didnt order savemii and if it didnt work for u then im not gona bother buying it ... it may be more than what nintendo is offering but at least i get to get a new wii but the problem is im getting a PS3 the same time my friend is getting a PS3 thats what sucks ... i was first upgrading my firmware from 3.2U to 4.1U and when the installiation was completed it was going to the wii menu when Black Screen so thats how i bricked my wii (i havent installed preloader on my wii nor nand backup) but i have installed BootMii the newer version but i think that was deleted in the Bricking process so now nothing works so should i just hand my Wii to Nintendo cause they will just fix it automadically without me having to do anything ... so what should i do ...
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    Unless you installed bootmii as boot2, you can't fix it.
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