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    Smile Brand new Wii

    Hello, I'm very very new to the Nintendo Wii scene, sorry for my noobiness! and nice to meet you all.

    Anyway, im gonna buy a brand new Wii (present from someone to me), i really want to get the home brew channel and backup loader on there. I was gathering information and i found something about a d3-2 drive on the new Wiis? does this mean all the new Wiis cant play DVDS? and the LU64 in the serial means its not soft moddable or something?

    Basically i want to know is if i went out today to buy a brand new Wii would i be able to get homebrew working and backup loader to read dvds up and running.

    I was looking on this forum(very useful i must add!) and found this guide that i will use

    i assume all brand new Wiis will have the 4.2 firmware right? so that guide is good for the job?

    Again sorry if this was mentioned before (probably has many times:P)

    Really would appreciate any feedback

    Thanks for looking

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    Another question, the new black coloured Wiis are coming out soon (from UK here) will these be made so that soft modding wont be doable? anything along those lines, since its coming on sale quite soon over here. Again any info will be appreciated

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