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    staying updated

    Aloha everyone, here are my Wii console specs:

    - firmware 3.2u
    - Backup Loader Gamma with 002 Fix Built in installed
    - I softmodded my wii using the twilight hack and I have Homebrew channel with Wad manager already
    - I also have Gecko os and ocarina in my HB channel

    I keeping getting the "error #002" error for "wii fit plus" & "wwe vs raw 2010" and according to my searching the fix is to

    download Neogamma R7.wad & cIOS38_rev14-Installer via 'Network' option and then chose 249

    I have found the "Neogamma R7.wad" file here:

    And I have found the "cIOS38_rev14-Installer" file here:

    So, I think that my problem is that I haven't been updating my Wii since error #002 indicates an outdated Wii. Therefore when new games are released they aren't playable on my Wii. My question is how do I keep my Wii updated? Is there a specific thread here that specifically informs tech idiots like myself when essential updates needed to be installed on the Wii? Or should I continue to inquiry about updates everytime I run into a problem (error #002) with a new game? Heck, I'm not even sure if the versions of the "Neogamma R7.wad" & the "cIOS38_rev14-Installer" files are the most up-to-date versions that I should be installing on my computer. Are they the correct most updated files that I should be using and more importantly is the method that I'm using the correct method to totally update my Wii currently?

    Assuming that the method is correct then I will outline the steps that I should take to update my Wii so that it can play any game as of 10/26/09.

    1. I download both "Neogamma R7.wad" and "cIOS38_rev14-Installer" and put them both on my SD card in the "Wad" folder.
    2. Next, I put my SD card in my Wii, go to the Homebrew Channel, and install both files via the "Wad manager. I have to install one file at a time and restart after I do it. After I do all this, I am done. To get the new games to play, I just do like I always do. Put the game in and load it via the backup launcher channel.

    Is everything correct that I typed? I just need a simple 'yes' if I'm correct so I'll can get started right away. But if i'm wrong somewhere please clarify. Thanks

    P.S. - Also, regarding the color of PAL games being played on NTSC Wiis in black and white, I have researched this and the conclusion that I have seen is that you must play the game in your region to get the color to display properly and not in black and white. I just want to confirm that this is still the current state of affairs regarding this issue. please clarify if i'm wrong. thx again!
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    First what you are doing is fine. You do not have to update all the time, stay on 3.2 unless you want to run VC and Wiiware from a SDHC card.
    A good loader like USB Loader GX or Preloader will prevent system updates.
    I play NTSC games on my PAL, again the loader removes the region. As for video you should be able to change settings to take care of this.
    I really would recommend a USB HDD, its much easier to use than DVDs.

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    I play NTSC games on my PAL, again the loader removes the region. As for video you should be able to change settings to take care of this.
    Well, I play PAL games on my NTSC Wii via the Backup launcher channel (ForcePAL50 to YES) which also removes the region. You mentioned 'changing the settings to take care of the black and white color scheme malfunction but what do you mean specifically. Are you stating that to get the proper color scheme to display when playing PAL games on my NTSC Wii I need to change the settings when I load my PAL game via the backup launcher channel? (how do I do this?)


    Are you instructing me to, after installing the USB Loader GX or Preloader, NOT use the backup launcher channel and change the settings in the USB Loader GX or Preloader to get the proper color scheme to display??
    First what you are doing is fine.
    Ok, awesome I will get started and do everything that I posted above. I'll report the outcome in a little while.
    I really would recommend a USB HDD, its much easier to use than DVDs.
    I have found a link that explains the entire process but I need an advanced tech to confirm that this link is good, up-to-date, and safe to implement. Can you confirm the guide in this link is good?
    How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive [Slick Tricks]


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    When I have video issues I change the settings in USB Loader GX.
    I had a brief look at that guide, it talks about using USB Loader GX.
    Thats fine but I only use the guides on this site, incase I need support.

    I wrote a guide to settings for the GX, at the end I explain the different types of install you can use.

    Let me know if you think its useful.

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    Ok, I'm running into some unexpectancies already.

    In the readme for "cIOS38_rev14-Installer", it says that I have to have #1. "IOS38-64-v3610.wad" and #2. "network connection" (for Network installation)

    - I do NOT have an internet connection at all so do I just ignore this and proceed anyway?
    - also, I searched for "IOS38-64-v3610.wad" here on Wii Hacks but couldn't find the exact file however I think this is the correct file:
    the file is -> "IOS38 v3610" (it is missing the "-64-" part but I think it is the same. am I correct?)

    Edit: Ok, I think I have figured out the 'network connection' part. geez, i'm stupid! that is for people who prefer the network installation instead of the Wad installation. sorry i'm stupid about this stuff

    Edit #2: I just saw your first video in the readme for the usb loader. I don't think I should install the loader yet because I only have a 2GB SD card which can not hold a game iso on it. correct? Also, "WBFSManager3.RTW-x86" will not work on my laptop since I don't have Windows Installer 3.1. Windows Installer 3.0 only works on my laptop so far.
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    I looked at the download file it is IOS38-64-v3610.wad, and is the same size as the one I have. click the name in my sig if you want.
    GX is really for a HDD.
    You can get it to work without using WBFS on your PC.
    The wii can format the drive in WBFS. You can then rip games off the DVD's and they will be stored on the drive. BTW when this is done a 4.5GB ISO is stripped and it becomes roughly 2GB on the drive.
    Its much more convinient doing it on the PC, as you can have a partition on the drive for your ISO's.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    Ok, I just finished installing "cIOS38_rev14-Installer" & "Neogamma R7.wad" like I wrote above. I put the backup game into my Wii and I start the Neogamma channel up. Then I select "play game from DVD". I don't change any settings or anything like that. After that, I get "error #001". Ahh! I thought that I did everything correctly. Why isn't the game working? Am I supposed to change the settings or something? Please clarify/instruct if you don't mind.

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    Umm, I have been experimenting and I have some new information to add.

    1. On the Neogamma load up screen it reads -> "Your cIOS version is revision 9 and has been written for revision 14 and higher" or something like that. So, I think my cIOS is update as far as I know. I did exactly what the guide said regarding keeping my system up-to-date to this point by installing neogamma r7 and cios38rev14.

    2. I was messing around trying different things when I noticed this. If you go into Neogamma and use the rebooter it will read "Rebooting with hooks". After this, the will will restart and you will be back at the system menu screen. Now, go to the channel where you would play genuine Wii games and the original loadup screen for the game will show up. Very strange!! :O However, when I try to play the game via that channel I just get "error 002" so that means the problem still isn't solved.

    I just thought I should add those bits of information for anyone trying to figure this out. Does anyone have a solution to this? Help please!....

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    alright guys/gals, I have solved this problem. I figured out what my problem was and I just wanted to share it here. The problem was super simple. I didn't follow instructions. I misunderstood the instructions rather. That's better. In installing rev 14, instead of place the file in the root of my SD card I placed it in the WAD folder. This is because I had no idea of what "the root" of an SD card was. Not in one single guide that I read listed where the root of the SD card was. Very simple but this needs to explained for the tech stupid people like myself. For those who don't know, the root of the SD card is the place you are at as soon as you enter the SD card from the My Computer screen. The custom IOS should install perfect after that and everything should fine. At least that is how it did for me. I can now play all my games again and that makes me super happy.

    Well, I will be happy that is until the next round of updates gets here. hehe.


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