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Thread: I need to modchip my WII - this is what i want from it:

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    I need to modchip my WII - this is what i want from it:

    I installed on my Wii the Hombrew channel, everything went fine.
    My wii is 4.2.

    Im planning to buy a chip, but i dont know if its worth buying right now with this new update.

    I want to mention that i dont care about the region free thing, i just want that my chip will play without a problems all my burned game on my specific region. [i wont backup also, i just want to make burned games to work].

    Should i wait, or i can already buy ?
    I wanted to buy the WiiKey 2 but i was fool enough to update my wii, so now i dont know what to do.

    Thank you.

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    Most modchip suppliers will list the features of the chip along with a description so my advice would be to read around and see what suits you and your needs and then base your purchase on that.

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    I already decided to buy the WiiKey 2, the thing is, will i be seeing any problem now becuase i updated?
    Or except the region thing it should work fine?

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    I'm not 100% sure but you should be able to contact your supplier for information regarding that.

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    Your fine with wiikey 2 on version 4.2. You won't be able to play out of region but you don't want to any way.

    You are not fine if you have a newer wii that has the controller chip removed.


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