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Thread: Nintendo support, how did they do to fix it?

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    Nintendo support, how did they do to fix it?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the same position as a lot people here with Korean wii with Error 003.

    I am spending a lot of time reading and in some post, I found that there are some guys that got your wii fixed, after send the wii to support. So, I am wondering to know, what did they do to fix it?
    - did they take off the modchip?
    - did they change the motherboard?
    - do they have a "special software" to "format" the wii, and make it like a new one???

    I really don't know what to think... so guys, any comments will help a lot.


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    new mother booard, 100$, shipping included

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    from where can i get the motherboard?

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    A good mod supplier site should usually stock them.

    I'm not sure where your from in the world but I usually check OZModchips and they do ship to other countries.

    Parts/Repair :, Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS

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    I am living in Bangkok.

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