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Thread: Dead Space freezes

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    Dead Space freezes

    I'm running a 4.1u wii, tried neogamma and GX, and using a WBFS usb drive. CIOS v13

    For some reason, whenever I try and play dead space, It wont play for more than a few minutes (including menus) before it freezes and all I hear is a really loud buzz. If I make as far as the loading screen to gameplay, it always freezes.

    I've played about 7 other games without any problems (I've had a few random freezes just like above, but really nothing big) but for some reason dead space is giving me trouble. I don't have any settings changed, they're all default, and my discs are fine. I assume it's not the drive since other games work great.

    any help would be great =)

    UPDATE **

    Been playing around with it. Updated usb loader with no luck, it made it worse. Tried the 002 fix, didn't help. Burned dead space to a dvd and loaded up with neogamma, it worked.

    I'd still like to figure out why the usb loader is giving me problems, so any help would be great. It's an IOS issue right? If it were, then it wouldn't work when burned right?

    Something else that bothers me, if i load and play a game using my usb drive, i cant exit that game and load up another without restarting the wii. for some reason it wont let me, it just crashed the hard drive. Any help would be great, id like to work the kinks out of this hdd solution.
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    looks look using a different usb cable solved all the problems...lmao


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