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Thread: Dodgy wad. Banner-bricked. No chip. Help!

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    Dodgy wad. Banner-bricked. No chip. Help!


    I've been given a Wii to fix for a friend. It has HBC installed. He installed a dodgy wad, and now it's stuck on the first screen with a flashing 'Press A'. Is there any way I can fix this for him without buying anything? I have a GC controller and can press all 4 buttons on D-pad. There's no mod chip. When I boot maintenance mode firmware is 4.0. Any help much appreciated.


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    do you have preloader? or bootmii?

    you could try the Universal unbrick disc V2.

    apart from that, if you have no means of running homebrew, your pretty much screwed.

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    no bootmii, presumably no preloader. he buys wii games, but plays emulators with HBC

    I've got the disk, but is there any way of booting it without a chip or other expensive bit of kit?


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