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Thread: Restore softmoded 4.2 to virgin state.

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    Restore softmoded 4.2 to virgin state?

    Hello to all, I am a new member.

    I just bought my wii yesterday and today I softmoded it to be able to play backups and homebrew. I installed the homebrew channel, bootmii (only on ifs of course), then tried to install preloader 0.30 but it gave an error. I had to do some procedure (followed some guides) to mod my wii more so as to let the preloader install. I also did a nand backup. Lastly, I installed uLoader 3.1 and now I am downloading some isos to test the loader (of course I will delete them after that, i softmodded cause I want to keep the originals safe from my kids). I tried an original disk though so I find no reason for it not to work with backups.

    My question is: Can I somehow restore that 4.2 wii to the original state in case something goes wrong and need to send the console for service? You understand, it has to be completely virgin with no traces of softmodding on it or the warranty will be void. I do not need to do that right now but I want to know the way if there is any.

    I searched a lot about that but I did not find a clean solution. Others say that I just need to install the original firmware from the options menu, others that I should go back the procedure I did doing everything backwards. I don't really know what I did cause I blindly followed some guides. I don't even know the basics. The terms IOS and cIOS for example are completely strange to me. I would appreciate it if you could help me.

    Thank you.
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    Good question, I want to know as well before I do the soft mod.

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    Same here.

    If there is an expert somewhere who can answer this Question, it would be fantastic

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    there is some way

    bored to tell you tho it is a long procedure. for boot2/bootmii users, restore nand and run hackmii installer to uninstall HBC DVDx and bootmii

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    I found a guide myself. Actually, I made a question at Ade's Softmodding Wii blog and he gave me the link to that guide:

    Revirginizing/Updating the Wii to 4.2

    However, Ade said that the procedure is risky and that the console might be bricked if something goes wrong. Thats also noted by the author of the guide as a warning so it might be better not to try this unless its really necessary. I believe that a more safe procedure will become available in the future. As I said in the first post, I only need to know about that in case there is any hardware defect and need to send the console for service under warranty so I will keep that in mind and wish that I will never need to do that unless something safer comes up.

    And of course, if there's anyone that knows a better way, please share it with us.


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