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Thread: Beatles RB on 4.2 cant get drums to work

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    Beatles RB on 4.2 cant get drums to work

    Hello, im new had a look for the above but i can only find it for 4.1 or less.

    im using a back up DVD of Beatles RB on 4.2 with neogamma7 & the game works fine (even with my Guitar hero guitar) but i cannot get my RB1 drums to work at all,
    can some one point me in the right direction please?


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    cios 222/223 and load with softchip r99.

    many threads already that you should have read first. will make no difference which system menu you are on.

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    Hi Davepm, i have an xbox rock band guitar and drums etc, the mic works but not the rest. Any idea if theres a way to get these to work on the wii?

    (Im up to date with rev14 cios 222 etc)

    The reason i ask is becuase a friend has a load of these for the xbox and i could get them nice and cheap...



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