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Thread: Black Screen?? Newer Games

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    Black Screen?? Newer Games

    I've tried many times to get this working, for some reason when ever I start up one of the newer games such as The Conduit or Spore I get a Black Screen and The Wii mote turns off.

    I start it up the menu has the game in there and I play it then...Black Screen.
    I have tried downloading games from a different area US (NTSC) in stead of PAL
    Before I turn the update blocker on it asked for an update should I? Last Time I did an update it turned off my blue tooth module and It wouldn't work.

    I have re-burned the games and tried many times

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    black screen = missing or outdated IOS files.

    Find out which ones, get them, and install them with wadmanager.

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    I have fixed the problem so don't worry if anyone has a drivekey and is experiencing this with the new games go to the configuration menu turn the drivekey off and update your wii

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