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Thread: What is the best wii hacking solution?

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    What is the best wii hacking solution?

    Dear reader

    I'm very new in the owrld of the Wii. I bought my wii last week and strart looking on the internet for a solution to hack my wii. After about 6 hours reading forum and other I get completely lost and really don't know waht solution to choose from.

    The serial number of my wii is LEH2748XXXXX. I have 4.2 software version. Can I dowgrade to a loewr version?

    I read that I can't softmod this wii because Nitendo has done something to prevent this. Is this correct. If it isn't what solution should I use?

    I also read about a chip or hard mod solution but find about 10 different version of chip. I'm in the netherland. which one is the best to use?

    I also read about a USB hack solution. Something like the R4 for Nitendio DS. but not of I read is saying that it's reliable yet. Is this correct?

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback as I'm getting more and more confuse and would like to choose for the best solution without dammaging my brand new wii.

    THanks for your attention and taking the time to read.


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    4.2 guide is in my sig. Read it all.

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    Thanks davepm but I think i will pass the softmoding .
    It's a bit too complex for me and I'm too afraid to F*** up my wii.
    I rather go for the modchip or another solution. Cost a bit but seems safer to me.

    How easy it is to install a modchip by myself. All the tutorial i found ask to use and iron solding machine and I have not done that for about 20 years.

    My second question is which chip is the best. Is the wiikey2 really good or is the Wasabi better. Any experience and/or feedback would be appreciate.

    Last but not least, I saw the wiikey fusion. Any comment on that solution.

    I apologize for so many questions but as I said before I like to get the best for my wii

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    i just bought a drivekey chip. no soldering.will arrive this week

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    Why you said softmod is unsafe?

    Is it really so?


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