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Thread: please help me!

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    please help me!

    disney sing it pop hit for wii stop at loading at microphone!can you tell me how to make it work?i follow the guide to install ios232 instead of 249 but when i load hemme 222 installer and choose ios249 it show:

    use ios 36 default
    use ios 37 merge with ios 36
    use ios 38 merge with ios 36
    use ios 60 merge with ios 36
    and then it initial network but "failed" my network work though!

    i cannot get any of these:
    -ios202, for usb - using ios38
    -ios222, for uloader - using ios38
    -ios223 mainly for GH5 - using ios38 merged with 37
    can someone tell me what i did wrong?

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    There is already is a thread about this issue.

    It has many great answers. Hope it helps you.



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