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Thread: No More Heroes Blank Screen USB Loader GX

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    No More Heroes Blank Screen USB Loader GX

    I am having an issue running No More Heroes from my Wii from USB loader GX. I searched but did not find a solution that worked for me to fix the blank screen which forces a hard reset.

    Here is what I have:
    Wii w/ System menu 4.1
    USB Loader GX (not sure of the revision or how to check)
    cIOS38 rev14
    ios38-64 v3609
    ios53-64 v4113
    ios55-64 v4633
    USB loader GX uneo forwarder

    Hopefully I provided the correct info for you to help... appreciate it in advance.

    BTW, the knowledge that I have gained on this site so far is amazing, thanks.

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    black screen normally means a missing or out of date IOS.

    I dont have a copy of the game, so cant tell you which one.

    If you download this: then you can drop your ISO into it to find out which IOS it uses. Then instal the newest version of that IOS and see if your game works.

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    I just used dopios v8 to install ios21 through network installation but I am still having the same issue. Any other guidance?


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