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Thread: Preloader .29 crapped on me. am I bricked?

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    Preloader .29 crapped on me. am I bricked?

    After loading preloader .29, I go to Systemmenu hacks and it says theres no hacks available. then I cannot get out of the Homebrew channel because the main menu is corrupted. I wanted to restore my NAND and it wont let me because it says its missing the bootII folder. whats going on?

    can I just do an update and get it all back and how?

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    hi keep your finger on reset and turn on your wii and u get back in the preloader menu m8 hope this helps u

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    No unfortunately thats not the problem, but thanks for the try. Like I stated above, I can get into the Preloader page but when I select "SystemMenu Hacks" it says there isnt any or it cant find the hack.ini file. i cant get anywhere past this and my wad manager cannot mount any SD cards to load a new wad or the ones in the "final step". so I downloaded the backup system menu 4.17 and its a WAD file and I doubt it will load because the wad manager wont see any wad files when I know they are there.

    arrrrrggggg!!!! anyway to just take this back to factory??? and start over?

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    The hacks.ini is something that you can create using windows note pad. I had to do mine this way in order to get the system menu hacks to work with preloader. Check out the link below. It helped me to get the sys menu hacks to work. BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT SYSTEM MENU AND REGION you're using. I'm on 4.1U just FYI. Hope this helps!

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    there is a big thread on the forum with hacks.ini posted for all regions and menu versions.

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    are you using a SDHC card? if so that is the problem, preloader 0.29 only works with non-sdhc cards...wad manager has some issues with them as well, but it should sounds like your sd card is not compatible with homebrew stuff, its possible it could work for some things and then just stop working out of nowhere, its happened to me and there is no resolution i could come up with, i'm still trying to figure it out but there doesn't seem to be a consistent reason as to why my sd card doesn't work

    why is your system menu corrupt anyway? maybe you need to reinstall preloader as well, I don't know what guide you are using for reference but i know you have to reinstall preloader for some of them

    try to reinstall preloader, if that doesn't fix it, try using a 1-2GB SD card (sandisk is recommended) and reinstall the system menu IOS and system menu for your region


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