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Thread: Streaming video over network (NAS specifically)

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    Streaming video over network (NAS specifically)


    I have done a bit of reading, and did find some stuff on streaming via TVersity from PC etc..

    What I am looking to do however, is stream from my NAS (Network Access Storage).

    I am running Twonky Media Server on the NAS and it allows me to stream to my Xbox360. Just goto the Video section and there they are.

    I am looking to do the same to my Wii.

    My Wii is setup with the Homebrew Channel and I have Opera Internet Browser and Mplayer CE on it.

    But from there I am lost. I don't see a way to search my network for NAS drive via the Mplayer, and I cannot access it via Web. (I can access the NAS config page, just like a router config page, but not the files themselves).

    On PC I either map network drive or browse to / Start>Run> \\192.168.x.xx\ - however this does not work on Wii (with homebrew apps I currently have)

    On Xbox, the built in media center allows me to search for devices on my network.. Again, not found on Wii with any of my current homebrew apps.

    I have done some looking around with no luck. Is this just not possible currently, or am I missing something?


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    Looking for the same thing :-( It cant be that hard to make a "Media center" on the wii.... HELP US O HOMEBREW GUYS ;-)

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    The Wii was never designed to be a media centre so to expect it to have advanced features is asking a bit too much.

    MplayerCE has smb shares which can stream direct from Windows shares via wifi.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    IN mplayer-ce app folder just modify the smb.conf file and you done.
    there detailed post in this website as well but I dont know the url.


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