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Thread: Monster Hunter 3! - This Nub needs help please! :)

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    Monster Hunter 3! - This Nub needs help please! :)

    Hi there, I softmodded my first Wii about a month back and I've been playing games just fine and messing around with some stuff. I'm a big fan of the Monster Hunter series and I've downloaded the patched version of MH 3/Tri as of August and used IMGburn to put it onto disc. Can someone please talk me through how best to load this disc on my wii and what files/Wads I may need to install to get it to work? With links of course if you please, Thank you.

    I've followed so many guides and had little success:

    So far I've tried:

    Softchip R99 method
    Gecko 1.9.2 with IOS55+Bugfix & IOS60 (My Wii is 4.1)
    NeoGammaR7 & anything else I could come across.

    Gecko says Disc read error, NeoGammaR7 and Softchip load the game in black and white but as soon as I hit what I think is "New game" I get the dreaded black screen and that awful beeeep!

    Can anyone help me with this? I'd greatly appriciate any input!

    Thank you in advance, Jihiro. (Please forgive this Nub, he is learning)

    PAL Wii - Sys Menu 4.1

    P.S. I also wanted to know if it was possilbe to use a PSP as an external HD for the likes of Uloader etc? (Silly question?) Thanks again!

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    Nobody here able to help me with this? I'm really gutted I havent been able to get this game working, I'll try anything.

    Faithfully, Jihiro x

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    Nevermind, Problem solved, I re-installed the IOS55bugfix and now everything is ok except for a display issue but I'm gonna start a new thread to get help with it.


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