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    usb loader

    Ok iv been messing with this for 5 hours and all the directions over the net are not working on my system. I reloaded 4.2 to start from scratch then folloed the softmod directions. I loaded the files back on my card and put it back in my wii and load homebrew. When i click usb loader i get the black screen. Iv already taken my hdd and loded a bunch of games on it with the manager so im assuming it is working cause they show in the list. I keep seeing use the port close to the whatever, well my wii has 2 usb on the back and they are stacked. Iv tryed both anyway and same results. Im lost and out of options on my own, what else is there to do?

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    ok nvm got it working just had to walk away for a few and clear my head.

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    How did you get it up and running. I have been trying for like days. I too have a 4.2U Wii. I have followed the complete guide from here. When I try to uninstall WAD I get multiple ticket errors. I have tried using all three packs. What do I do plz help me man. I would greatly appreciate it.


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