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Thread: help with neogamma r6

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    help with neogamma r6

    So I'm having two issues with backups i updated to cios38rev14 and downloaded neogamma r6 when i try and load the backup for boy and his blob it doesn't get any errors but it loads to a black screen and thats it! also my backup of dead space has no sound it loads just fine but after the start start screen no sound at all. Any one eles have theses issues?

    I just updated to R7 for neogamma and tried a diffrent back up and same results
    so i was reading the posts and figured out deadspace you have to change the language to system default and it worked! Still cant get boy and his blob to work.
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    yeh i have this same proablem. i try and load neogamma r7 and black screen. i have the cios from messies guide installed. On my sd card i have the apps and wad file and everything used to install the cios. when i try to install neogamma as a wad I click on sd card and it says mounting sd card please wait, and my wiimotes shut off. it says that for about 2 mins and then i turn off (shud i wait longer)

    we proabably have the same problem so can someone PLEASE help


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