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Thread: Before installing my homebrew...[V4.2]

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    Before installing my homebrew...[V4.2]

    I want to be sure if it worth to do it right now.
    I was fool enough to update my Wii from 3.4 to 4.2 [i thought it will update to 4.0].
    Im already planing to buy Wii Key 2, but before this i wanted to install the HMC.

    Now, should i try to install it on my 4.2 Wii with bannerbomb exploit, or should i wait for the SSBB exploit?

    Thank you.

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    have you read any guides around here? pls do so

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    Yeah, i found what i need, found it 10 min after i posted my post, i was too rush, im very sorry, next time ill post only if i will be sure i didnt found my answer in your guides.


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