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Thread: i semi- bricked my wii :( ?

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    Unhappy i semi- bricked my wii :( ?

    Hey yoh guys

    first ov ol em srryy for my bad english

    i have wii 4.0U Pal (just bought next week)
    but day before yesterday i guess i semi bricked it
    and then in hope of recovering it, i formatted wii's system memory

    so is there anyway arround to fix it ?
    or else daddy will through me out ov the house

    PLease help me !

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    my problem is, i am able to go into system settings !

    But, em not able to install anything, my wii freezes while installation

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    On the main homepage of wii hacks there is a bricked forum that you could post to. It seems that they are very good about helping people with issues. If you post this again there they will be able to help you

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    Thanks for your reply
    But dude
    em new here
    can you please Send me the link your comment !

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    No problem. Here is the link. They are really good about helping people with bricks and should be able to help you! Good luck. Post it again here...

    BRICKED Wii Issues ONLY

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    well, thanks a lot dude :P

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    Ca help

    hi there i have a softmodded wii with serious issues. First off the video is set to mpal and the region and language are not the same. I have a semi bricked wii in mpal video mode. Is there any hope for me? any suggestions would be very helpful thankyou

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    You might want to go to this link and re-post that. Be sure to give them more info to work with like your system menu and any other modifications you did to it. No one will see it here since this is someone else's thread and a little old.

    BRICKED Wii Issues ONLY

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