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Thread: Bricked My Wii...

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    Bricked My Wii...

    I'm another fool that was messing around with the Wii and eventually got it bricked. I don't know if its fully bricked or semi. It's just a black screen. I'm pretty sure that I don't have any sort of preloader.

    I accidently uninstalled the system menu in wad manager.

    Can I fix my problem with a mod chip? I'd rather spend 100 bucks to mod my original wii instead of spending 200 for a new one.

    I was looking at the D2Pro.

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    I bricked my Korean Wii when I updated it to 4.2 & just yesterday, after weeks of trying to un-brick it, I traded it in at a local game shop.

    got a used one with 4.0u & trade in my bricked 4.2 KR & paid $115 difference.

    now I can't get any of my discs to work on the 4.0u system, even after installing the latest homebrew & running Gecko

    I assume it a Region problem, but I thought Gecko 1.9 would solve that, not so far.

    every disc just comes up & says it cannot read it.
    I thought my Wii Fit disc would work, but even that won't.
    too bad I don't have even one single legit NTSC/USA disc to try.

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    for koreans this is the only solution, but for the full brick what have you done and what have you instaled, bootmii boot2 or preoladoer? can you access any of them?

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    I'm not sure. From what I understand if the system menu is uninstalled or upgraded doesn't the preloader or bootmii get uninstalled with it?

    We'll I've tried some fixes on I found from youtube. Like throwing some files and folders on the SD card and pressing power button followed by holding reset. Nothing showed up.

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    the reset button on power on doesn't work if you don't have pre-loader installed.

    I can't get pre-loader or CIOS 14 to install from HomeBrew yet & I still can't get ANY discs to be recognized in the drive.

    the 4.0u model also hangs when I try to download anything in homebrew browser

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    So will a mod chip work? Or is it only on korean versions? I have US version.

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    Bump. Can anyone confirm this?

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    it is final, no solution for it. contact your salesman and ask for a refund

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    I'd guess there's a fat chance getting a refund, but maybe he's got a good relationship with the dealer

    I had to spend over $100 to trade my bricked Korean paperweight in for a used 4.0u

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