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Thread: s9xTYLmecm 091023rd -SNES emu for PSP- Updated

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    > 23/10/2009 16:05

    Source -

    I see there is no instructions included so try this -

    INSTALLATION: Drag the, "s9xTYLmecm" folder into your, "GAME" folder on your MemoryStick. It should now look like this: MemoryStick Pro (X) > PSP > GAME > s9xTYLmecm.

    ROM INSTALLATION: There's no, "ROM" folder, and don't bother making one. Just drag and drop your ROMs into your, "s9xTYLmecm" folder. They don't need to be in a, "ROM" folder.

    It 'was just released a new update for the homebrew s9xTYLmecm, the excellent Super Nintendo emulator for the PSP. Not many news trickling in this release. Were however made some improvements to processes meanings chart with a resultant increase in speed for different video mode emulator.
    Follow the link to download.


    - Some improvements in the process graph, with consequent increase in speed mode "PSP accelerated", "PSP accel. + Accurate. Soft.", "PSP accel. + Approx. Soft.""
    > swap
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    thanks man

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    Nice, thanks.
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