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Thread: Help: 1337 and 1101 errors

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    Help: 1337 and 1101 errors

    Hi there everyone, i reacently softmod my 3.3U wii by following the tutorial:

    everything went just fine, now, im trying to load some backup dvd i created (verbatim -R) and get different erros in Neogamma:
    1101 and 1337.
    i think 1101 might be do to bad burning.

    Does anybody know what these are? and/or how to solve them?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: i did search out the forum, but no reply on previous threads. plz help, it would be realy nice to have these issues fixed ^^

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    Make sure to burn a good working .iso on high quality DVD-R (not DVD+R) media at low speeds such as 2x. Verbatim DVD-R is recommended. Also using the internet and other things while burning aren't good to do. So while burning make sure that your computer isn't using resources on anything else, especially a resource hog antivirus.

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    thanks a lot for the quick answer, so, u think that these errors are due to some bad burning rather than any bad setting / soft install ?

    ill give it a try though, but i ran out of dvd just now xD (too many attempts to burn these games :S)

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    ok, so this is what i did:
    i copied all the iso into a WBFS HDD i have and it worked.
    Aparently error 1337 and 1101 are both burning errors. so, no soft nor patch will solve this.
    keep trying until u burn them as your wii wants or copy the iso into a USB with WBSF Manager o GUI,
    hope this helps others too!


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