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Thread: Everything I do gives me a Black Screen

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    Unhappy Everything I do gives me a Black Screen

    Ok I'm really a Newb when it comes to CIOSes and anything hacking other than the homebrew channel so right now i dont have Bootmii or Backup Loader/launcher or whatever but want them both yet they never work Bootmii will install yet I can't use my wiimote and well Cios's they just give me Black screens everytime I try to use them I have the backup thingy but well black screen too.

    I've never installed any of these before and i just upgraded to 4.2U too so if anyone can help a newb.....(emphasis on the newb first time posting anything).... I'd really appreciate it

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    you cant use the wiimote on bootmii? thats working as intended, either use a GC controller or the reset/power buttons.

    Read the 4.2 softmodding guide in my sig and make sure that you have done it all!


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