Hi all,

A while back i bricked my wii while downgrading my wii, thought the program was frozen and turned it off (Ye i know nOOb). But i left the wii lying there for a few months until my daughter one day wanted to play with it. so i bought a savemii dongle hoping it would work, downloaded a few recovery programs nothing.

When powering up the console I get a black screen / no signal, I can insert / eject disks but the wiimote won't sync.
The Wii has been modded with a Wiikey V2.

My question is using a savemii what cd r cds should i use, or should i use some wiikey program (it is a PAL Wii), or if this is a fully bricked wii and im wasting my time trying different cd, if so il just buy a new one and take the mod chip out of the bricked wii.