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Thread: Just a thought

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    Just a thought

    Being a newbie myself and been through the horrors of trying to find the one answer I was looking for out of the many (mostly irrelevant) results returned in the search it may be an idea to have a sticky in this forum with some general things for us noobs i.e.

    a description telling us what the following files are......

    .dol - boot file ??
    ios - I know these have different numbers and different ones are required by different games but have no idea what purpose they have
    cios - I belive these are custom ios files but have no idea what kind of customisation they may have
    wad - I am under the impression that these have something to do with channels
    ciso - this is I belive a compacted ISO but I'm not sure what creates it.

    When I first registered and looked around, I read many, many threads all mentioning these types of files and I hadn't a clue what I was reading. It took a lot of searching to gain the little knowledge I now have.

    If this was explained in a sticky then maybe it would prevent several threads being started asking the purpose of these files.

    Like I said in the title - Just a Thought

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