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    Ca lots of questions

    Can anyone tell me how do you know when your wii is bricked? I have gone through soo many forums here today and i am so confused. all i am trying to do is load all the things everyone is telling me to do so i can play burnt games, i downloaded and installed homebrew dvdx and bootmii i backuped up bootmii i followed instructions to get rid of icos249 like they told me i saw one time on the screen where is says to uninstall 249 in the wad but after that every time i try to follow the next part of the directions nothing seeems to load i keep getting errors any where from -1 2011 16 what does bootmii do cause when i go to that (when i am told to run tbr) nothing happens i am getting so frustrated i am ready to cry can someone help me before i go in sane

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    read the guides in my sig, they are the best guides.

    also read: for explanations of your errors.

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    i keep getting errors can i go through them all to see if any will load through cios38 rev14installer


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