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Thread: Your Advice an opinions.. which mod ?

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    Your Advice an opinions.. which mod ?


    Just bought a wii for the kids, and at 30 UKP a pop for games, i'm already tempted to mod it.
    I have a number of questions, if someone could spare me 5 minutes.

    In your opinion which mod chip is the most reliable, easiest to fit etc.

    I believe there is some form of rom upgrade after the mod ??

    Having not scutinsed the wii yet, is there is a security seal, so they will know if it's been opened ?

    If not, in your opinion, could you mod it, then in the event of a problem, roll everything back and still have a chance of a warranty repair, or would it be obvious that it's been tampered with ?

    Finally, we connected it to the internet, and it downloaded an update.
    What are the chances that this update has made it un-moddable, and if it has, how easy would it be to roll this update back again.

    It's a week old, so I can't decide whether to wait until the warranty is up.

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    The mod depends on what chipset your Wii has. You can verifiy this by going to Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker and entering your Wii's serial number. If you have a D2C chipset, you must get the D2CKey mod.

    If you install or attempt to install a mod, your Wii's warranty is immediately voided.

    I have a D2CKEY, and updates are OK to do, and everything is fine. Although this is a tricky mod to install, I suggest you get it done professionally if you have no soldering experience.

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    I think you dont have a choose in what kinda chip it all depends on youre wii.
    I have a argon key and before this i had a d2ckey but i must say the argon i find better i could play more games on it.
    But i think and i know for sure you must let it done by some1 that knows what he or she is doing dont F on it youreself or a friend that "knows" what he is doing.

    Grtz Orton.

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    I've never had one single problem playing a game with D2CKey. I have about 35 games and none have failed. Use Vertabim disks and burn at a slow speed and you shoudn't have any problems.


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