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Thread: Missing nand.bin

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    Exclamation Missing nand.bin

    Ok, here's the issue (forgive me for any and all stupdity).

    I was softmodding my wii to 4.2U. Process went well, but when I attempted to launch game through NeoGamma r7, it wouldn't work properly. So after hours off searching solutions I did a downgrade to 3.2U, then a firmware upgrade to 4.1 (I was going to try a different softmod). When the firmware upgrade was complete, and I rebooted my wii, I got the black screen. I had Bootmii installed (and here's the main issue); When I backed up my nand, I copied it to my PC. Well now i can't find it, where I thought it was is only a shortcut to both my nand.bin and keys.bin. Since the backup I've formatted my SD. So how screwed am I? Are there any ways around this? Please help me.

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    do you have bootmii as boot 2? can you access bootmii menu and HBC?

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    Yes I have, and yes I can. Here's where I'm at now. I fixed the problem by going into homebrew and using wadmanager to basically reset my system back to 3.2U. Now I'm updating to 4.2. Is there a good softmod for this version?

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    yes there is the one i wrote see it in the guides section. how are you upgrading? online?

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    Yes, was that a no no?

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    the official update can be hacked with the method i describe. an unofficial updater is not recommended

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