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Thread: SNES9x Gamecube memory cant save games

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    SNES9x Gamecube memory cant save games

    Can someone please post a guide on how to get a Gamecube memory card to work with these emulators.

    I have had a wiikey since day for a while now and have two gamecube memory cards in the unit but I cannot figure out how to save games running off SNES9x. So if someone can explain this to me it will be highly appreciated

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    Smile Saving From Snes9X on WII

    Hey, to save your state on the WII's SNES9X Emulator you will need to purchase a WII SD ADAPTER GECKO.

    Its basically a Gamecube Memory Card With a SD Slot Built into it. Very Similar to the Nintendo DS Super Card.

    They Can be Found here.

    WiiKey SD Adapter Gecko v2 :: Buy Wii SD Card Here!

    It would be a Good idea to buy a 2 - 8 GB SD card so that you can store heaps of ROM's on it. i.e. N64 roms when the N64 emulator is converted for WII.

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    Saving progress on Mario 64

    I'm playing Mario 64 on Wii and it will let me save the game. Once I turn the HBC off and come back later, the game saved is gone...

    How can I save and retain my progress?

    Thank You in advance...


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