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Thread: newbie needs chipping advice

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    newbie needs chipping advice

    hello fellow wii users,
    i have recently got a wii console & would like to get it chipped.
    the serial no. is LEH263199657 with a copyright date of 2006.
    please advise if it can be chipped & whether it will work or if i am best just to get ripped off & buy original games !
    i live in Walsall West Midlands so please advise of any shops nearby (15 miles radius) that do modchips.
    any comments will be valued !

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    99% sure that a D2Cpro modchip is the reliable device for a 2006 dvd-rom,
    and wiikey is the most economic (but not quite sure applicable) device for consideration.

    u should open the Wii and verify the dvd-rom before purchasing any.


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