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Thread: Black and White NTSC Game

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    Black and White NTSC Game

    Hey everyone.

    I live in Australia, and I have a PAL Nintendo Wii that I bought here. I decided to have it modded. Being very excited, I put in a NTSC Tales of Symphonia-Dawn of a New World game (it has only been released in Japan and America, right?)that I had downloaded and burnt. However, it would not work. When one of my friends told me that getting the Backup Channel for Wii by hacking it would allow me to play American games such as TOS, I hacked it, and got the backup channel and the homebrew channel. I tested a few backupped PAL games on the backup channel, and it worked. I then put in my Tales of Symphonia-Dawn of a New World disc, went to the backup channel, and loaded it. It worked; however, it was in a slightly unclear black and white colour. What has gone wrong? How do I make it colour? I really want to play this game!

    Please, everyone, I really need your help, and I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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    change the region setting to one of the pal options

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