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Thread: Chicken Blaster

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    Chicken Blaster

    My review of Chicken Blaster:

    This is a single screen shooter. There is not even a try at a story. Chickens fly around and you shoot them.

    Controls 2/10

    I guess they work most of the time. But the shake to reload doesn't work every time. You shoot the chickens with the B button (I use a nyko perfect shot) and advance to the next screen with the up button.

    Game play 1/10

    It is very bad. I tired to like this game because I LOVE shooting games. But after 10 minutes of game play I wanted my 10 minutes back.

    Design 1/10

    I decided to try and not move my aim and just pull the trigger and I still passed a few screens. Then I just randomly aimed and pulled the trigger and I still advanced.

    Over all: 1/10

    The Good

    It took very little space on my USB drive.

    The Bad

    Every thing! This game is just plan bad.

    Bottom line if you are looking for a shooter anything is better then this.


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    for kids of 3~5 ages : 8/10


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