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Thread: PLEASE! Go easy on ME?

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    Question PLEASE! Go easy on ME?

    I have done several searches, and I can't seem to get a difinitive answer. Here it goes. I did the 4.2 soft mod and it is working great, backup DVD and USB. Can I play my original games? without bricking?

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    Yes you can BUT you need to watch it. First make sure to install preloader. That program will help if you do happen to brick down the road. Also one of the great features it has is to bypass disc updates. I dont have preloader on my console but if you pop in a game that requires an update (like mario kart or any of the RB titles) and the game loads right up, your good to go. If you get a black screen freeze, then youll need to load those games using a backup launcher. The reason for the black screen is because preloader is trying to bypass the disc update but since its loaded using the disc channel, it cant bypass it, instead freezes up. Just load that game using a backup launcher.
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